2021 Private Rendez-Vous

Finally almost back to normal with the 30th MYS and our regular B2C\B2B activities. Investor Media Monaco followed through with the B2C\B2B events calendar that was announced at the beginning of the year including the exclusive 2021 IMM Annual Private Rendez-Vous. Two high-profile events took place on the 22nd and 23rd of September thanks to the support and trust of our strategic partners. Its has been wonderful to finally gather together again since last edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. We have been really busy in the last two years with all our activities, despite the pandemic, since March 2020 we have organised 8 in person B2C\B2B events and 14 B2C online events and, of course, we maintain our overall media platform. Click here for all reports and plans. Beginning in 2021 together with Go On Group we launched also the new event format BUSINESS TALKS and we went already on stage in Monaco last May, in Houston last August and next 20th of October we will be in Saudi Arabia at Al Khobar. In Monaco last end of September during the MYS, over 200 guests gathered during the two days private event at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo Private Club for the traditional Business Networking opening event followed by the chic and glamour Force One Night #2, which was jointly hosted by Investor Media Monaco and Force One Agency. Investor Media Monaco’s selected partners had the opportunity to present their products and investment opportunities to a limited and select number of guests. Click here for a selection of pictures. After a really successful two days of events with more to come in the coming weeks and months we invite you to stay tuned for more….

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