CUTISS AG Investment Event

Last 22nd November we hosted at Fairmont Monte Carlo the CUTISS AG Series C 2023 Monaco stop of their fundraising roadshow. A “Swiss investment opportunity to transform skin surgery – Personalize bio-engineered tissue therapy to transform skin surgery. CUTISS AG is an innovative, late-stage clinical company focusing on precision regenerative medicine. A Swiss emerging company focusing on innovation in regenerative medicine. “Our first focus is to provide patients who suffer from large skin injuries and defects with personalized skin tissue therapy in a safe, effective and accessible manner”. Having secured already more than $67M since company foundation, CUTISS AG is now raising its Series C to advance towards commercialization and liquidity event. Please read here a preliminary teaser while more material is available upon request. Do not hesitate to DM in order to receive the full pitch or to know more how to invest in this unique opportunity.