The issue 39 of FORCE ONE Magazine has been published and is out for distribution. Its a Special Edition for this winter season. On the cover, the man of the moment, Jannik Sinner, who is literally soaring to the top of the world tennis, doing so with disarming simplicity and elegance. You can read it online here: ISSUE 39.

The 2023 winter issue of FORCE ONE Magazine, The Luxury experience, features high end interesting contents and reports. It includes: Cover story: Portrait: Jannik Sinner – Society and Fashion: Those fine Gentlemen – Myth: The three lives of Arnold – Destination: L’Apogee Chourchevel – Destination: Zannier Hotels: Le Chalet – Art: Matter and Light – Fashion: Ready, Set, Ski !! – Golf: Golf Club Cannes-Mougins – Supercars: Valhalla – Supercars: Koenigsegg Gemera – Watches: For Adventurous Souls – Art: Fernando Botero – Art: Diego Rivera – Shopping: Back in Black, Urban Cosy, Daily Essential, Refined Elegance – Partnership: Investor Media Monaco – Fine dining: Rampoldi in New York – Destination: The Beach Luxury Club and much more…..