8° IMM B2C Online event

Our eight B2C online event held last Wednesday Jan. 13th. was again an interesting one with lot of interaction between panellists and attendees. Here the video with all presentations: LINK TO VIDEO

Do not hesitate to contact Investor Media Monaco in case you had any question regarding this eight event or you might need an introduction email to one of the business opportunities presented which were:

1 – BioBlu – www.bioblu.org
BioBlu aim to CREATE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YACHTS & NATURE. BioBlu advise yacht owners, shipyards and naval architects on yacht interiors, engineering systems and crew operations that combine wellness benefits for those aboard, with eco-friendly efficiencies that reduce a yacht’s impact on the planet around her.
2 – NPD for Mazzanti Automobili – www.npd-italy.com – www.mazzantiautomobili.it 
NPD introduced the opportunity to invest in Mazzanti Automobili, one of the very few Italian hyper-car makers.
3. Investor Media Monaco presented BUSINESS TALKS MONACO.
A private get together about industries trends and business relations.

The next B2C Online event \ webinar will be on January 27th, 2021 at the same time, 16 pm CET.

Please register here in order to attend: REGISTRATION FORM 

Further info here: Investor Media Monaco B2C Online Event/Webinars on ZOOM