11° IMM B2C Online event

Our 11th B2C online event, held last Feb. 24th., saw five companies presenting their business opportunities in front of a continuously increasing number of online guests from all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact IMM in case you had any question regarding this event or you might need an introduction email to one of the business opportunities.

You can watch & listen the latest 24th Feb. IMM online events here:  VIDEO

These the companies and opportunities of 24.02.2021 IMM B2C Online event:
1 – EASYCASHBACK – Mr. Simon Piggott,  Co-Funder  – www.easycashback.com
2 – SUNREEF YACHTS – Mr. Artur Polokzanski, Pr Manager – www.sunreef-yachts.com
3 – ASG – Air Sports Group – Mr. George Blythe, CEO  – www.airsportsgroup.com
4 – ASTRA YACHTING SERVICES – Mr. Massimo Chiodo, CEO – www.astrayachtingibiza.com
5 – DYNAMIQ YACHTS – Mr. Marco Ramundo, Managing Director  – www.bedynamiq.com
Next event will be on March 10th , 2021 at 17pm CET