7° IMM B2C Online event

Our seventh online B2C webinar event held last Wednesday Dec. 9th, was a really interesting one in term of proposed business opportunities and attendance. Here to video of the event for your convenience with all presentations: Link to Video – Password: 0$P9f1mi

Please do not hesitate to contact Investor Media Monaco in case you had any question regarding this seventh event or you might need an introduction email to one of the business opportunities presented which were:

1 – BITVORE – USA CaliforniaBitvore provides unprecedented business insights from unstructured data. Their products are deployed in over seventy of the world’s largest financial institutions, allowing them to make faster and more effective decisions so they outperform the competition. Bitvore is an artificial intelligence company used by major firms on Wall Street (Fidelity, USBank, E-TRade, etc.). Bitvore absorbs every important financial article or blog on the web, and converts the critical information into scores.  These scores give early warning that their clients can see before anyone else.

 2 – NATRION – USA – NYNatrion’s battery solutions are making renewable energy safer and more cost-efficient than ever before for residential, commercial, and military applications. Natrion’s proprietary and patented solid electrolyte is optimized for energy storage systems and is 40% cheaper to produce than leading lithium-ion batteries. Natrion is a start-up developing safer and more affordable large-scale batteries that make sustainable energy cost-effective for homes, farms, and military applications.

 3. WATCHESSENTIALLY – from Rome, Italy – Alternative investment in Luxury watches … and much more.

4. REACH by CHANNEL PRO – Dubai UAE – REACH is a Start-Up APP with the aim to allow the Distributor to directly empower the front line sales people – Access to up-to-date training – Automation of incentives – Thus the Ability to deliver a better sales experience – REACH provides the Sales person instant access to up-to-date product knowledge and training.

 5. DYNAMIQ YACHTS – Monaco – A proposal of an alternative investment in Yachting. Yes….Yachting is becaming also a market where to make profit with double digit opportunities.

The next B2C Online event \ Webinar will be on January 13th, 2021 at the same time, 16 pm CET.

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